We offer professional bike fit / bike fitting for exercisers and elite athletes from one of the Norway’s most experienced bike fitters, Are Iversen.

My clients have become Norwegian champions, Nordic champions, world champions and Olympic champion. They have set personal records, Norwegian records and world records. Do you also want to perform better?

We help both exercisers and elite athletes in cycling and triathlon with bike fit to optimize their benefit from cycling.

We now offer 3D-analysis based bike fitting at the premises of Albir Cycling.

We help you with the correct setting on your road bike, gravel racer, CX, mountain bike, or tt/tri bike.

Time for bikefit must be booked in advance either by using the form below or by contacting the store.

We use approx. two hours on a bike fit for one bike. A bikefit-session starts with a survey of your physiological conditions before we put you on the trainer for an analysis of your cycling position. We often find opportunities for improvement in the athlete’s technique and exercises that can be useful for becoming more efficient on the bike. After the review, you will receive a report by email with recommendations and all measurements of your position/ measurements for the setup of your bike.

Cost for bikefit of one bike is EUR 200.

Questions about our bikefit? Send message to post@bikefitstudio.es or call +34 711 029 354.